Kitchen Remodeling Services Price Guide

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Kitchen Remodeling

Most kitchens serve as all-purpose utility rooms for a sometimes bewildering variety of tasks, all of which take…

Starting From $1000


The easiest and most obvious sort of facelift calls for repainting or refinishing, and possibly installing new hardware…

Starting From $$500


Alternative countertop materials include solid wood, ceramic tile, Corian and stone. Kitchen design centers…

Starting From $978
kitchen flooring


Vinyl and linoleum are the most economical, though it pays to purchase the best grade your budget allows, due to…

Starting From $350
remodeling sink install

Sinks & Appliances

Sinks should be durable and easily maintained. whether inexpensive stainless or solid surfacing. Extra depth may…

Starting From $400
online quote

Online Quote

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